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Recovery Coaching / Peer Specialist

Recovery Coaching is a service for individuals and families who would like a coach to help develop new and healthy behaviors. Recovery Coaching provides mentoring as a type of partnership where a person, in or seeking recovery, self-directs his/her recovery to experience successful change. Recovery Coaches are Certified Peer Recovery Specialists who work with people on all paths to recovery and focus on developing supports and resources for healthy living.

Recovery Coaching Services:

  • Continuation of a Recovery Wellness Plan for life goals (abstinence, work, school, etc.)
  • Meetings to review progress and compliance with recovery wellness plans
  • Offer family coaching services and meetings to help maintain a positive trajectory for themselves, as well as their loved ones
  • Coordination with other wellness professionals involved with your care plan

Or contact us for more information: or 1-888-344-4045.

Participant Responsibilities:

  • I understand and agree that the decisions I make in the recovery coaching program are mine and not solely the responsibility of my Recovery Coach.
  • I agree to keep appointments made on my behalf and if unable to, I will notify my coach 24 hours in advance.
  • I agree to have open and honest communication with my Coach.
  • I agree to submit to drug screening as directed by our staff.
  • I agree that I will not hold my Recovery Coach or Community Blessings Foundation legally responsible for decisions I make or actions I take.

Recovery Program Designed For You

We take a long-term approach to healthy independent living, focusing on the aftercare needs of individuals who are not just surviving, but embracing the opportunities to thrive and continue enhancing their lifestyles.

Our program is designed to focus on the continuum of care. The core of our recovery program is a community-based peer infused approach, coupled with therapeutic services and holistic care, to achieve long-term outcomes.