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NARR Certified Recovery Residences

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Trinity Inn Recovery Residence

909 West Main Road
Middletown, RI 02842

Trinity Inn
Recovery Residence

Recovery Residences (operated by Community Blessings Foundation) offer a structure of healthy living offer a structured healthy living program that supports the need for accountability, responsibility, and dependability in one’s daily routine to nurture sustainable recovery. It was created to help form healthy boundaries and relationships and the importance of sober networking and peer to peer processing through those connections. We guide and encourage members to exercise the 12 Steps Recovery Process in their day-to-day sober living with the emphasis on Humility, Gratitude and Service to Others.

Healthy Living at Trinity Inn

Our program is a highly specialized form of structured living, which provides quality services to a “Family of Choice” for men, women, and children under the age of six years old.

Our approach is to work with men and women, and their support networks, to create an environment that makes enhanced recovery possible. This involves education, employment, hands-on services, peer support groups, community resources, and having the opportunity to create a life and reputation that matches your values, and includes your loved ones. Becoming self-aware and breaking cycles are an intimidating and uncomfortable process. This environment supports healthy decision-making, and you create space to invent your own path forward.

Living quarters at Trinity Inns allow parents and children to stay together. The community at the Inn works as a team and grows together in a family-like environment.
Our structured living program was created to help families form healthy boundaries and relationships. During the day, families learn more about addiction and how to create a new life in recovery for everyone.

Daily schedules include classes on 12-Step recovery, prevention, parenting skills, life-skills, self-esteem and self-awareness. Each member participates in weekly, individual, counseling sessions, recovery coaching, and daily process groups to learn healthier ways to process information and feelings that will help them in their recovery.

The goals are:

  • Maintain abstinence, while increasing knowledge about substance dependency and the recovery process.
  • Acquire and build recovery skills necessary to maintain a sober lifestyle.
  • Increase physical and emotional stability while living a sober lifestyle.
  • Identify life changes necessary for sobriety and develop daily behavioral skills to help manage life changes.
  • Assist significant others in coping with the impact of addiction on relationships.
  • Discover the Essence of Self through Timeless Universal Principles.

Alumni Outreach

We follow up with our alumni to ensure that they are doing well and living healthy lives in their recovery. Alumni meet with our Alumni Relations Coordinator prior to leaving Trinity Inn. This meeting is essential as it is the final step in introducing our members to our supportive alumni community.

In addition, our alumni team reaches out to our members at set intervals. They will hear from us for no less than the first year after leaving Trinity Inn. We are dedicated to ensuring that our members are successful in their recovery long after leaving our campus. Alumni Relations Coordinator guides this open-forum discussion when members are free to discuss anything that is on their minds.

One of the most beneficial elements of outpatient treatment has always been that members are able to process highs and lows while in a safe, supportive environment. The care you receive at Trinity Inn does not end upon your departure/discharge. The transfer back to “the real world” can be overwhelming and we are here to support you during this time. There is something uniquely therapeutic about reconnecting with the peers with whom you shared your Trinity experience, and we want those bonds to flourish after you leave.

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” – Mark Twain.


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All (recovery residence owners, operators, staff and volunteers) are expected to adhere to the following Code of Ethics: It is the obligation of all recovery residence owners/operators and staff to value and respect each resident and to put each individual’s recovery and needs at the forefront of all decision making. To meet this obligation, we adhere to the following principles:

1. Assess each potential resident’s needs, and determine whether the level of support available within the residence is appropriate. Provide assistance to the resident for referral in or outside of the residence.

2. Value diversity and non-discrimination.

3. Provide a safe, homelike environment that meets NARR Standards.

4. Maintain an alcohol- and illicit-drug-free environment.

5. Honor individuals’ rights to choose their recovery paths within the parameters defined by the residence organization.

6. Protect the privacy and personal rights of each resident.

7. Provide consistent and uniformly applied rules.

8. Provide for the health, safety and welfare of each resident.

9. Address each resident fairly in all situations.

10. Encourage residents to sustain relationships with professionals, recovery support service providers and allies.

11. Take appropriate action to stop intimidation, bullying, sexual harassment and/or otherwise threatening behavior of residents, staff and visitors within the residence.

12. Take appropriate action to stop retribution, intimidation, or any negative consequences that could occur as the result of a grievance or complaint.

13. Provide consistent, fair practices for drug testing that promote the residents’ recovery and the health and safety of the recovery environment and protect the privacy of resident information.

14. Provide an environment in which each resident’s recovery needs are the primary factors in all decision making. 15. Promote the residence with marketing or advertising that is supported by accurate, open and honest claims. 16. Decline taking a primary role in the recovery plans of relatives, close friends, and/or business acquaintances.

17. Sustain transparency in operational and financial decisions.

18. Maintain clear personal and professional boundaries.

19. Operate within the residence’s scope of service and within professional training and credentials.

20. Maintain an environment that promotes the peace and safety of the surrounding neighborhood and the community at large.


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We will be courteous, truthful, respectful and friendly always.
Our actions dictate how the community sees the recovery community.
We will strive to maintain a safe, clean and sober environment.
We will be loyal, honest and respectful to ourselves and others.
We will resist the use of profanity and spreading gossip or rumors.
We will not bring drugs, paraphernalia or weapons into the recovery home or to any activity associated with the recovery home.

We will be generous – remembering where we come from and that people can change.
We will respect one another’s definition of “Recovery”.
We will work hard to assist one another to move forward in recovery.
We will treat one another with unconditional love, kindness, patience and honesty.
We will be willing to lend a hand to help a new comer whenever possible.

We will be receptive and responsive to needs of our fellow household members.
We will contribute by taking part in meetings, activities and the participatory process as we know this is vital to our recovery.
We will encourage members of our home to volunteer when we can.
We will keep this recovery home clean and organized.
We will take on the responsibility of maintaining a safe, clean and sober environment.

We will strive to be productive and respectful members of our society.
We will be committed to helping people in the community at large just not those in recovery.
We vow to be law abiding citizens within our society.
We will be aware the positive impact of our good deeds on the community, this Recovery Home and ourselves.
We will perform random acts of kindness no matter how small they seem, showing the community who we are and why we are here.
We will work towards educating the community further and changing the stigma associated with addictions.
We will always personally strive to remain teachable and culturally competent.

Coming Soon – New Location & Recovery Services

Trinity Inn Recovery Residence

909 West Main Road
Middletown, RI 02842